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      Home » News » Wen Jiabao: do everything possible to stabilize external demand to achieve steady growth target
      Wen Jiabao: do everything possible to stabilize external demand to achieve steady growth target
      Author:admin Time:2016-09-07 05-54-22

      August 24th to 25, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Premier Wen Jiabao arrived in Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan and other places, the current economic trend especially stable external demand, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade investigation.

      Wen Jiabao pointed out that, at present, attaches great importance to the import and export trade the existing problems and difficulties, targeted to take measures to promote the steady growth of export, provide good conditions for the realization of the goal of economic and social development.

      This year, China's economic downward pressure on the larger. Affected by the weakening of the international market, foreign trade growth rate fell. Especially after July, export growth slowed significantly in major coastal provinces. Wen Jiabao came to Guangzhou honglitronic company, vip.com information technology company, Foshan YIZUMI Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Dongguan Xinbao electrical oasis shoe company, Samsung horizon company, Kechuang Industrial Company production and export enterprises to understand the current situation in the enterprise, and held a forum.

      In the grim situation of shrinking, many enterprises overcome difficulties, actively promote structural adjustment, increase investment in technological innovation and product innovation, and strive to make our products more adapt to the needs of different markets, and set up different marketing strategies, the depth of the development of multi market. The group of the United States from the global multinational companies recruit foreign experts, help enterprises to upgrade; Guangzhou Haojin motorcycle company products are mainly exported to the Middle East and Africa, is currently focused on the development of South America, Eastern Europe and other markets; Guangdong Kito ceramics company to face the foreign market downturn in the international market as the domestic market, set up stores, reduce the market focus that is more close to the consumers.

      Wen Jiabao said, from the new export orders index and other leading indicators, the next phase of the export will still face more difficulties and uncertainties, which should attach great importance to. The three quarter is the key period to achieve the annual export growth target, we must take measures: first, we should continue to implement and improve the stability of export policy. To speed up the progress of the export tax rebate, to ensure timely refund. Expand the scale of export credit insurance, improve the coverage of export credit insurance, and pay special attention to the development of Small and micro businesses credit insurance, the introduction of Business insurance company to carry out the pilot short-term insurance business, the implementation of complete sets of large equipment export financing insurance for special arrangements. Improve customs, quality inspection, foreign exchange management services, and promote trade facilitation. To seriously implement the method inspection directory policy, and to further reduce the method inspection directory. Strict implementation of inspection fee waiver policy, immediately organized a comprehensive inspection of foreign trade enterprises, the abolition of unreasonable and illegal fees, and effectively reduce the burden on enterprises. Improve financial services, and guide financial institutions to increase exchange rate hedging products. Pay close attention to market changes, make the necessary foreign trade policy reserve. Two to speed up the transformation of foreign trade development mode. Encourage foreign trade enterprises to cultivate more independent intellectual property rights products and independent brands. Speed up the construction of foreign trade production base, set up trade platform, encourage enterprises to establish international marketing network. Three to actively expand imports, focusing on increasing imports of advanced technology and equipment, key parts and the people closely related to daily necessities. Four to properly deal with trade friction, reduce the risk of trade friction and impact. Expand bilateral regional economic cooperation and implement import trade remedy according to law. Strengthen industry self-discipline, regulate trade order. Fifth, focus on improving the level of foreign capital utilization. Adhere to the principle of active and effective use of foreign capital, improve the policy, improve the investment environment.

      Wen Jiabao pointed out that this year, the central increasing fine-tuning efforts, especially since May issued a series of policies and measures to enhance market confidence, to better promote economic steady growth. In general, the fundamentals of China's economic development has not changed, stable economic growth has many favorable conditions and positive factors, but the second half of negative factors that affect the smooth running of the economy still more, steady growth is still more difficult. We should comprehensively assess the situation, calmly deal with, firmly grasp the initiative in economic work. Steady growth is the central task of economic work in the second half of the central task, is an important basis for doing other work, not only to achieve this year's development goals are of great significance, but also for the development of next year. To further increase the intensity of macroeconomic regulation and control, and strive to improve the effectiveness of the policy. He stressed that in the face of the current difficulties, we should vigorously improve the business environment, enhance business confidence. At present, the "new 36" implementation rules have been introduced, to track the implementation of the situation and effect, and constantly improve and implement the policies and measures to encourage private economic development. He said the person in charge of the enterprise, confidence is the source of strength to overcome difficulties, to capture the crisis with the wisdom of entrepreneurs opportunities to forge ahead with more long-term and broader vision, make efforts.

      Wen Jiabao also went to the Southern District of Dongguan City Hongyuan community to visit foreign migrant workers in guangdong. Community environment is good, perfect infrastructure, focus on living from around the country more than 6000 migrant workers. Wen Jiabao walked into the staff quarters and training rooms, etc., to learn more about their lives and work conditions. In the library reading room, Zhoukou Henan Ji Xiao Cui to talk to the prime minister depressed: her husband working in Beijing, the children in the home, a family of three separated three places, and sometimes a year the whole family can not be reunited. They want to take care of their children, but no law to take, feel the child is not to their own life, is to the parents in law students, the heart is very sad, but also