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      Home » News » The chairman was class Chinese heavy difficult rescue
      The chairman was class Chinese heavy difficult rescue
      Author:admin Time:2016-09-07 05-54-46

      For the heavy truck enterprises, in 2012 there is no miracle, only flaw.

      Recently, in charge of China heavy truck (000951.SZ, namely Chinese Chongqijituan Limited by Share Ltd hereinafter referred to as the "Chinese heavy truck") for eight years, Wang Haotao resigned as chairman. In Wang Haotao's resignation, the heavy truck industry is experiencing a rare "winter" - related data show that the first half of 2012, the heavy truck market overall production and sales fell more than 30%.

      With the help of high-level personnel changes, China truck can change the decline in the situation? Many people in the industry have a negative attitude.

      High level earthquake

      "This is a normal change." In August 20th, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Corp ("Chinese sinotruk" parent company) Propaganda Department official on "Chinese business newspaper" reporter said: "now he (Wang Haotao) is the chairman of China resigned from the truck, but also keep the group vice president positions, will serve as what other position is not clear."

      However, in the eyes of the "China Chongqijituan normal people" change, has aroused a great response to the capital market -- from August 16th Chinese CNHTC released Wang Haotao resigned as chairman of the board's announcement, as of August 22nd, China's stock price has been five consecutive trading days fell.

      People familiar with Wang Haotao, Wang Haotao is very clear in the Chinese heavy truck components. In 2003, after the listing Chinese heavy backdoor ST duckling, Wang Haotao has served as chairman. Public history display, Wang Haotao was elected chairman of the board again in Chinese heavy 2011 the new board of directors, for a term from April 2011 to April 2014. In the Chinese heavy truck as chairman, Wang Haotao also served as the executive deputy general manager China Zhongqijituan, Chinese sinotruk (Hongkong) Limited Executive Director, vice president. According to Chinese's internal sources, in addition to the China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Corp chairman Ma Chunji, general manager of China Chongqijituan Cai Dong, Wang Haotao in the China Chongqijituan system is very important.

      However, Wang Haotao's position in 2011 was the first time suffered a major test. In January 2011, China's announcement that the company's subsidiary Ji'nan bridge box company involved in a bank in the case of forging financial instruments (Qilu bank) 500 million yuan deposit, the deposit is associated with forgery financial ticket case. According to the relevant departments published, third party deposit pledge business between the suspect and Qilu bank, Chinese truck and other enterprises, and in this process, the suspect repeatedly defrauding money by means of forging financial instruments.

      Although the second half of 2011 China heavy truck back 500 million yuan deposit involved, but China heavy truck management level has been widely questioned, the industry at the same time, China's performance also began to decline. According to Chinese CNHTC released 2011 Annual Report, its 2011 net profit of 362 million yuan, down 46.1%. The first half of 2012, China heavy truck production, sales were only 42 thousand cars and 40 thousand and 200 vehicles, down 30.97% and 34.68% year on year.

      "In the" Qilu bank fraud "under the shadow of Chinese plus heavy truck performance dispirited Wang Haotao is obviously not accidental, class." An automobile analyst at a securities company said.

      Problem still

      After Wang Haotao left, China's announcement that the board of directors, the new chairman of the board before the election, temporarily by the chairman vice chairman of cloud Qingtian took the responsibility.

      Public information, cloud Qingtian former technology development center China Chongqijituan technology institute. Since September 2009 Chinese's director, deputy general manager, April 2011 served as vice chairman of Chinese heavy truck. As usual, the cloud will officially become a new Qingtian seems to behoove chairman, however, before the Chinese truck has received the controlling shareholder of Chinese sinotruk (Hongkong) Co. Ltd. the company has recommended, recommended to Germany for the fifth session of the board of directors of candidates. It is reported that the deputy general manager of Chinese Zhongqijituan Yu Youde in 2008 once served as vice chairman of Chinese heavy truck, after leaving in August 2009, after the departure of Qingtian took over by the cloud. Obviously, in the sensitive period of the Wang Haotao class recommended candidates for the board, the future can Qingtian cloud that took over as chairman of the board to add a lot of suspense.

      However, no matter who is ultimately replaced Wang Haotao as chairman, want to stop in a short period of time China's downward trend is not easy.

      According to the reporter, in 2009, Chinese's net profit of 428 million yuan, 673 million yuan in 2010, to 2011, its profit has shrunk dramatically to 46.13% to 362 million yuan. The first quarter of 2012, Chinese's further decline in net profit, only 13 million 150 thousand yuan, at the same time, from the first half of the year sales data has been announced, half year financial statements in 2012 will be very ugly Chinese heavy truck. Although in Germany has recently said that the future will Chinese CNHTC the product structure adjustment, but the overall trend of the market in the Chinese heavy truck poor background, China's future is also difficult to possess.

      From the China Automobile Industry Association statistics show that in the first half of this year, the cumulative sales of domestic trucks for 1 million 747 thousand, down 11.92%. Among them, the cumulative sales of heavy trucks only 371 thousand and 600, down 31.62%. Statistics also show that Chinese Dongfeng, FAW, heavy truck, Shaanxi heavy truck, Foton, JAC heavy truck and other major domestic production enterprises, the first half of the sales decline, and the decline was more than 20%.

      According to the Shaanxi Zhongqi assistant general manager Liu Keqiang judgment, from the eyes