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      Home » News » Ruzhou Henan hot springs town mayor Chen Jianping: targeting focus to promote economic development
      Ruzhou Henan hot springs town mayor Chen Jianping: targeting focus to promote economic development
      Author:admin Time:2016-09-07 05-55-06

      Business news network news, recently reporter learned in the town of hot springs, hot springs town this year to develop the rural economy and the non-public economy and urban construction as the focus, and actively promote the transformation of economic development mode, accelerate economic development and urban construction.

      Transformation of rural economic development mode, and promote the development of rural economy. Improve rural production and living conditions. Actively strive for superior projects, financial support, the implementation of rural cultural compound, roads and garbage treatment facilities, rural drinking water safety engineering, biogas utilization and other infrastructure construction, the implementation of comprehensive improvement of the rural environment contiguous, and actively create a provincial ecological civilization Township, further improving the production and living environment of rural residents; increase the planting structural adjustment. Henan mayor Chen Jianping Ruzhou spa town planning and construction company village 100 acres, 660 acres of high water, 1000 acres of forestry, Dong Tang Xi Tang characteristic planting area. Gradually to the village, even the high springs, East don, Xi Tang as the center of the forestry planting base, production base of edible fungi in Zhu Village, East car Square as the center, to land as the center of the greenhouse vegetable base, with Cheng Zhuang as the center of the high quality pepper production base, to the south of Wang Zhuang as the center of quality rice production base; vigorously develop the scale of farming. In order to build standardized scale farms as the focus, in order to strengthen the work of epidemic prevention to ensure that the town to promote the expansion of the town, the scale of aquaculture, increase efficiency.

      Optimize the development environment, promote the development of non-public economy. Further optimize the economic development environment. Henan mayor Chen Jianping Ruzhou spa town, increase investment, and promote the "return project", around the bath center, training center construction, building materials, furniture manufacturing, agricultural and sideline products deep processing projects, vigorously develop the non-public economy, foster new economic growth points; strengthen the construction industry association. Henan mayor Chen Jianping Ruzhou spa town of bath increase tourism, paint industry, grain industry association construction, promote the rapid development of related industries and health; strengthen the market construction, planning and construction of spa business market, regulate the grain market, East Guanzhuang car square wood market, the above scale and level, increase efficiency, provide for the convenience of production and life of the masses.

      In order to lead the new urbanization, accelerate the pace of development of urban construction. The spa town was identified as the pilot town construction center as an opportunity, strong implementation of the "village" planning, accelerate the pace of urban construction and development of hot springs. To accelerate the development of tourism, actively improve the coordination of services and international tourism resort and spa spa medical tourism theme park projects, key projects to accelerate the development and construction of tourism, promote the development of spa tourism promotion new level; promote the new rural community (village construction center). Henan mayor Chen Jianping Ruzhou spa town started the new rural community construction demonstration community of hot springs, has started construction of Zhao Zhuang, Zhang Zhai village center, expand the scale and enhance the quality, improve the function; improve the level of urban construction. Construction of spa Yingbin Avenue, further intensify township road construction and road, day Ze Avenue luanjia Hailing Road, creating feature rich, with the brand, the modern service industry park, carry forward the "Han Royal Spa" culture, enhance the spa popularity and reputation; improve the urban functions, planning and construction of township and drainage engineering the sewage treatment project, the relocation of waste transfer station, improve the living environment, enhance the level of civilization, to create a national civilized village. (Lu Lei Lian Xiaohong) corporate news network editor Liu Yang