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      Home » News » State Grid Brazil holding company was rated the best electric power enterprises in Brazil
      State Grid Brazil holding company was rated the best electric power enterprises in Brazil
      Author:admin Time:2016-09-07 05-55-27

      Brazil local time in August 23rd, the State Grid Brazil holding company was rated "2012 Brazil electric power industry best company", become "2012 Brazil annual company" candidate enterprise.

      Selection activities by the mainstream media in Brazil, is also the most influential local financial journals, the economic value of the host, a total of 25 companies from different industries to obtain the best corporate title. By comparing the profitability, profitability, liquidity, asset turnover, sustainable growth, net income of economic value added comprehensive index, the national network of Brazil holding company of 1000 power companies from the talent shows itself in the election, was named the best annual electric energy enterprises in Brazil.

      State network Brazil holding company is the national Power Grid Corp technology management output type "going out" model. Since the company since the end of 2010 to enter the Brazil market, in accordance with the overall deployment of the National Party of Power Grid Corp, seriously implement the internationalization strategy, give full play to the technical and management advantages, and actively establish a new system, the training of local staff, the implementation of standardized management, regularly carry out equipment defect investigation and remediation, greatly improve the operation level of the power grid in the lean management mode. Brazil company annual revenue deduction (PV) level in the forefront of the industry, the availability of equipment significantly enhance the operational efficiency, the Brazil electric power industry has been fully affirmed and all sectors of the community.

      It is reported that over the past two years, the State Grid Brazil holding company also actively carry out the management, technology, personnel, culture and other aspects of the exchange of integration. At the beginning of 2012, the company's first appointment as deputy general manager in cadastral, and realize mutual exchange of Pakistan personnel of various levels of management, at present nearly 300 employees in Brazil, employing a total of 277 employees, the real implementation of the "localization" operation.