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      Home » News » Beijing license-plate lottery chaos frequent suspected experts say the need to increase the cost of
      Beijing license-plate lottery chaos frequent suspected experts say the need to increase the cost of
      Author:admin Time:2016-09-07 05-55-37

      Beijing car Yao Hao ushered in the first one million army". This is the Beijing city to implement the purchase of passenger cars since 20 months, the number of wave number exceeded one million for the first time, the success rate of only 1 to 52.8, a record low.

      "Winning lottery than to sigh"

      Beijing City, a small passenger car index control and Management Office recently released information display, the audit, the twentieth phase of the individual passenger car index application for a total of more than 1 million 50 thousand valid codes, more than 12 people last month. This Yaohao city of Beijing for the first time over one million people compete for the Car Buying index, mainly because this month to submit the application and confirmation of more extension number, up to more than 110 thousand people, is the previous Yaohao add a maximum number of applications.

      Because the success of unused personal car configuration index 2326, they return to the Yaohao pool, making the number 26 this month, the index rose to 19926 Car Buying. Due to the increasing number of this month compared to last month, the ballot encoding "shrink" 114, resulting in Yaohao probability is only 1: 52.8.

      Beijing license-plate lottery policy implemented for only 20 months, a small passenger car index for each affects social nerve, everyone wants to squeeze in the license-plate lottery this "bridge", lamented the Yaohao also more difficult than the lottery".

      Difficult to buy a car has become a piece of the current consumer". With the success rate is lower and lower, but also gave birth to some problems, such as the family car Yaohao, assault pit "false lawsuit" transfer license plate, driving school training class, and "rent license plate", "to rent consignee" is even more common. Although the transport sector as well as the court said that there is a big risk, but still can not stop some of the enthusiasm of the owners just need.

      Part of the wave number is designed to profit

      In fact, China's sustained and rapid economic development, rising living standards, people's pockets drum up, people pursue a higher quality of life, this is the root cause of the rush to buy a wave.

      In view of the surge in the number of motor vehicles, in 2010, the Beijing municipal government promulgated the "Beijing City, the Interim Provisions of the number of small passenger cars," the decision on the implementation of the number of small passenger control and quota management system. Beijing's wave of car buying policy to a certain extent, the number of vehicles to control the rapid growth of. In 2010 the implementation of the purchase, Beijing annual increase of 810 thousand motor vehicles, and in the implementation of the purchase after 2011, the number of motor vehicles in Beijing increased by only 174 thousand vehicles.

      "Beijing" 12th Five-Year "period of transportation development and construction planning" also revealed that Beijing will be the introduction of congestion charging policy and corresponding supporting measures, although the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission official has repeatedly said traffic congestion charges there is no specific timetable, but this caused all kinds of speculation people, while Beijing may implement the license plate auction policy rumors and in Shanghai, exacerbated by people panic panic buying index.

      Experts said that at present, some people participate in the wave number, not for their own use of license plate, and in private transfer profits, this is obviously the market distortion.

      The car is limited to the purchase of the sound of doubt

      Over millions of success in Beijing Yaohao number of the base rate low innovation situation, people began to question the purchase of cars, some people believe that the purchase of the policy is a temporary solution, the implementation of the policy for more than a year, traffic actually has not improved.

      Slow traffic in Beijing City Traffic Commission last July had launched on the official website of "blocking" poll ", in which the most effective measures to slow blocking the vote, including license-plate lottery, parking price adjustment," public transport up "6 measures such as voting, advocacy and practice" 3510 "(3 km, 5 km walk, ride 10 kilometers by bus subway) green travel accounted for 28.09% of the highest number of votes. The lowest votes for the car wave number is only 7.14%.

      International Trade and economic cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce Mei Xinyu, deputy researcher believes that Beijing, Shanghai and other places, such as the wave number, auction license plate and other means, are a transitional behavior. He said: "to improve the use of costs can be fundamentally solve the problem of traffic congestion. To enjoy the prosperity of the population density, it is necessary to pay a certain economic costs."

      Beichen Asian Sports Village Beijing Automobile Trading Market Center Deputy General Manager Yan Jinghui also believes that to solve the problem of urban congestion fundamentally, but also by means of market. In short, the next phase will increase the cost of vehicles, such as Hongkong, Japan, the same increase in parking fees, fuel costs and other suppression of the increase in private cars, while vigorously develop public transport.