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      Tel: 0755- 28889315

      Fax: 0755-28889316

      Business Manager: 18002558006 Mr Li

      Technical support: 13632860590 Mr Hu

      E-Mail: huwuzai@126.com

      WeChat: 228923576

      Address: China Shenzhen city Longgang District Community fun Garden Road No. 38

      Home » News » Good news, Jin Xinyu power (Shenzhen) has a new site it!
      Good news, Jin Xinyu power (Shenzhen) has a new site it!
      Author:handler Time:2016-09-10 10-54-56

      Dear customer:


      Jin Xinyu power (Shenzhen) limited liability company to start a new home on the Internet today, thank you for your support of our company, due to the need of our development, the original "Shenzhen Xin Da Guanyu Power Technology Co. Ltd." since 2016 04 months 01 days to upgrade to "group", "Xin Guanyu Jin Xin Yu power new registration (Shenzhen) limited liability company" as its subsidiaries, belonging to the same company. As our corporate name change to bring you the inconvenience, please understand!

      Jin Xinyu power (Shenzhen) limited liability company, after years of research and development, production, sales integration efforts, the current plant area of more than 10000 square meters; the main products: lithium battery charger, battery charger, car charger, balance electric tool charger, intelligent furniture charger, unmanned aircraft charger, power adapter and other products; the company has a group of professional R &amp; D team and strong production capacity, the lithium battery charger has accumulated rich experience; the company all over the world and has passed the certification of CE, KC, CCC, FCC, UL, GS, CB, SAA, PSE, ROHS, LVD and so on; in the past few years of development efforts, the company has gradually become the domestic and foreign power adapter and lithium battery charger products well-known manufacturers.

      I hope you ever to uphold our cooperation, continue to give Jin Xinyu power (Shenzhen) and encourage the largest support limited liability company, our company will work harder for you to provide the best products and the best quality service, thank you again!