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      Home » News » 2016 power adapter manufacturers have to know the relevant trends
      2016 power adapter manufacturers have to know the relevant trends
      Author:handler Time:2016-09-14 09-54-05

      Power adapter, English name adapter Power, also called external power supply. Is a small portable electronic equipment and electronic equipment, power supply converter. The general is composed of a casing, a power transformer and rectifier circuit, according to the type of output can be divided into AC output type and DC output type; according to connection can be divided into the plug wall and is suitable for desktop, tablet computer, notebook computer, POS, mobile phone and liquid crystal display device.

      In modern society, intelligent mobile phone adapter beyond count power adapter, power adapter, POS tablet computer power adapter and a variety of everywhere in life. And a variety of electronic products, the need for a power adapter is completely different. From the electrical performance parameters, the different power adapter to charge its effect is completely different. If you choose the wrong power adapter to charge the electronic equipment may also cause damage to the equipment, serious damage to the fire and so on.

      It can be seen that the use of the power adapter is more extensive. Not only in the mobile phone charging, in many industries, the application of the power adapter is also very wide range of.

      One, with the national energy-saving emission reduction policy implementation, LED energy-saving lamps have been accepted by the vast number of consumers, the brightness and power saving effect is allowed to be. In this case, the use of power adapter will further increase. The billions of people, the use of lighting is a huge number, use the power adapter is also very great.

      Two, electronic products have flooded our lives, in daily life, mobile phone, tablet computer, notebook computer usage is gradually increased, use this time power adapter is also in constant increase. It can be said that the idea of digital products market development has led to the development of the power adapter industry.

      Three, a lot of home appliances have the existence of the power adapter. We know that the role of the power adapter is the most significant in the use of computer LCD monitors. A lot of electronic equipment in the normal operation of the city electric voltage is not used, which must be used in the power adapter. The normal operation of the liquid crystal display also can not be separated from the power adapter.

      A large user base is the foundation of the development of the industry, in the science and technology change rapidly today, the explosive growth of various electronic products will drive the vigorous development of affiliated industry, and the power adapter as a basis for operation of these electronic products, its function is irreplaceable.

      From the above analysis can be seen, with the increasingly large market of electronic products, as the power adapter of the electronic products supporting equipment will also follow the rapid expansion of demand. In order to gain market share, each power adapter manufacturer must also pursue better in quality, thus becoming the first choice of consumers, after all, the power adapter and the product is not a one-time consumption. This is the prerequisite for the development of the power adapter market, but also every power adapter manufacturers need to pay attention to the issue of quality as the basic, in order to expand the market to innovate, there is hope to continue to survive.

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