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      Home » Q&A » New bought a balance car, then the question is, how can I charge it?
      New bought a balance car, then the question is, how can I charge it?
      Author:handler Time:2016-09-17 08-10-08

      Many just contact to the balance of the car has a new questions, I just bought a new balance of the car, do not know how to direct the electric charge, is out directly or first run out of power and full power to play with? As a special to Jin Xin woo power balance car charger production (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. internal staff, some about the power of knowledge about what I learned, to the vast number of car enthusiasts reference balance.

      After check a lot of information on the web, in small series, regardless of the balance of the car battery has the characteristics of self discharge, so when the balance to buy a new car to your hand, from production to sales in the middle cell has undergone a period of self discharge. This is the battery inside the chemical raw material has been used for a period of time, there is "passivation" state, can not fully play the chemical reaction, to provide sufficient voltage. In this case, the first time to use the balance of the car, the first inside the battery storage battery run out, and then go to charge must be balanced car battery is full, so that the voltage to return to the original level. In fact, if you do not use the balance of the battery for a long time, it will produce this kind of passivation phenomenon, and the situation will be more serious. It is best to carry out the process of charging and discharging the battery for 3 times, and the activation of the battery will be helpful. Let the chemicals inside the battery can fully play its due effect (NiCd). Sometimes the new purchase of the balance of the car, to charge the time, will not charge before charging the charger will stop charging. When you encounter this problem, as long as you will charge the battery to remove the charger, and then put into the charger to continue charging. This is a very normal phenomenon for the new battery, not you buy a bad rechargeable batteries (nickel metal hydride, lithium ion batteries). Generally speaking, the charging time can not be too long, up to 12 hours is sufficient, if the excessive charging will cause damage to the battery.