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      Please pay attention to play the UAV, the battery is used to remember these six non - user
      Author:handler Time:2016-09-19 08-27-16

      In recent years, the recent few years, the UAV aerial has been gradually into the public view, its non shooting angle, convenient operation, simple structure of conventional, won numerous image creation mechanism of the heart, has even entered the homes of ordinary people, but the drone cells using the six principles to you

      No short circuit:

      This situation often occurs in the process of maintenance and transportation of the battery wire. A short circuit will cause the battery to direct ignition or fire explosion. When used for a period of time after the battery needs to break the situation of welding line, positive and negative pay special attention to the battery at the same time do not contact the electric iron. Other transport batteries, the best way is not a separate set of batteries on the bag and placed in the explosion-proof box, to prevent the transport process, because of bumping and collision resulted in a positive and negative battery also encountered other conductive material and a short or broken skin and short circuit.

      Electrical preservation of discontent:

      The full power of the battery, not full power save more than 3 days, if more than one week not to let go, some of the battery directly bulging, some battery may not drum, but several full power save, the battery may be directly discarded. Therefore, the correct way is, after receiving the flight mission and then charge, after the battery is used, such as no flight mission within 3 days, please charge the single chip voltage to 3.80~3.90V. No charge due to various reasons did not fly, but also in full within 3 days after the discharge of the battery to save 3.80~3.90V. If you do not use the battery within three months, the battery will be charged and discharged once to continue to save, so that the battery life can be extended. Battery storage should be placed in a cool storage environment, long-term storage battery, it is best to put in a sealed bag or sealed in the chamber, it is recommended that the ambient temperature is 10~25 degrees C, and dry, non corrosive gas.

      But charge:

      The requirements for battery charger, charger in full power after some function is not perfect, resulting in a single cell filled with 4.2V has not stopped charging, in addition, some charger used for a period of time, because the components are also prone to aging, full stop the problem, therefore, when poly lithium battery charging and there must be someone to take care of when found, the charging time is too long, to check whether the artificial charger failure, if the failure to unplug the battery as soon as possible, otherwise the lithium polymer battery overcharge, light will influence the service life of the battery, while direct explosion of fire.

      Don't catch a cold:

      This principle, many friends will ignore the flying. In the north and high altitude areas often have cold weather, such as the battery long time in place, it will greatly reduce the discharge performance, even if at room temperature when the flight time to fly, it must be a problem. This should be the alarm voltage (such as alarm monolithic voltage to 3.8V), because in the low temperature environment will drop very quickly, the alarm rang immediately landed. Again to the battery to do heat treatment, before taking off the battery to be kept in a warm environment, such as housing, inside the car, the incubator, etc.. To take off quickly to install the battery, and to perform the mission of flying. At low temperature flight as far as possible to shorten the time to half of the room temperature, in order to ensure safe flight.

      But put:

      Battery discharge curve shows that the beginning of the discharge, the voltage drop is relatively fast, but the discharge to 3.9~3.7V, the voltage drop is not fast. But once down to 3.7V, the voltage drop will speed up, the control is not good will lead to the release, light damage to the battery, the voltage is too low caused by the explosion. Some friends because the battery is less, so every time they fly, so the battery is very short-lived. Strategy is, as little as possible to fly a minute, life is more than a cycle of flying. Would rather have more than two batteries to buy, and do not fly to the battery every time exceeding the capacity limit. To make full use of the battery alarm, an alarm should be landed as soon as possible.

      Do not damage the skin:

      The skin is important to prevent battery leakage and fire explosion structure of battery, lithium polymer battery plastic damage of the skin will directly cause fire or explosion. The UAV battery tohandlegentlyand, fixed on the plane when the battery to tighten ties. Because it will be possible in the bigger dynamic flight or fall, when the battery will not be due to the tie band is not tight, so it is also very easy to cause damage to the battery sheath.