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      Home » News » Recognize the 18W power adapter, break the lie of the high speed charger
      Recognize the 18W power adapter, break the lie of the high speed charger
      Author:handler Time:2016-09-20 09-10-12


      Now a lot of high-speed charger claimed that their equipment in a few minutes is to complete the power supply. So is this true? Indeed, but it should be known that we are in the actual use of the process is to find all the voltage is virtual. It is because of this that once used for a period of time we will be aware of the problem, that is, the charging of the battery charger can not be used for a long time. Obviously this high-speed charger is a lie, and we are now to talk about this seemingly magical device is how to achieve.

      Advantages and disadvantages of high current charging

      Now we use the power adapter on the device is a 5V2A power adapter, the so-called 2A is current which can provide 2A, but if we are for a small number of equipment improved, this equipment is also can provide more current, and when the current is not much change with load change. According to such a principle, we can completely produce a large current charger, the charger in the actual work will be for our internal access to the battery to stimulate the formation of a large number of current. This is indeed a part of the electricity is stored in the battery, but once we use the battery to continue the work, this power is also a very fast loss. In fact, this is the reason we see this charger can be completed fast charging.

      Similar charger for battery damage

      Although there are a variety of new energy is in constant development, but the application in a small device battery or many chemical battery, this battery is a chemical element chemical activity depends on the internal work, and once we get a large amount of current through which is lead with the change of some chemical elements, which is a part of the elements inside the battery failure caused directly. Long term such a rechargeable battery will be scrapped.

      On the basis of a comprehensive understanding of the power adapter, we can analyze this device, the analysis is also able to understand the so-called high-speed charger in the end what is a thing. That's a big scam. As consumers we must not be fooled.