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      Home » News » Diodes company launched the original edge switch to enhance the power efficiency
      Diodes company launched the original edge switch to enhance the power efficiency
      Author:handler Time:2016-09-20 05-30-55

      Diodes company launched AP3983 primary side power switch series, power supply designers to easily achieve high conversion efficiency, to meet the energy star 6 (Energy Star Level 6) and the external power supply behavior criterion second stage (EU CoC Tier 2) requirements. The operation frequency of AP3983 series devices up to 80kHz, the use of sub pulse frequency modulation (piecewise Pulse Frequency Modulation, p-PFM) is connected to the conductive pattern technology, adjusting the primary voltage and current of less than 5%, a noise free solution and provides for the charger, ADSL adapter and power of household appliances.

      AP3983 series with integrated 650V or BVDSS MOSFET 700V, eliminating the optical coupler and the secondary side of the CV/CC control circuit, to reduce the number of external components. Other features include built-in cable voltage drop compensation, adjustable circuit compensation and a series of safety features, such as overvoltage and overheating protection, as well as to enhance the response to the short circuit of the hiccup (a).

      The AP3983 switch is combined with a low initial current (maximum 0.6 A) and no load power (maximum 75mW) and excellent transient load stability, these characteristics help to achieve high performance, provide a cost-effective high integrated power solutions for consumer product.

      AP3983 series devices support 6W to 20W adapter rated power range, SO-7 or PDIP-7 package type, as well as 650V or MOSFET 700V rated voltage.