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      Home » Q&A » How to prevent the explosion of the power adapter
      How to prevent the explosion of the power adapter
      Author:handler Time:2016-09-21 08-45-23


      With the rapid development of science and technology and the Internet era, the electronics industry is showing explosive growth, all kinds of electronic products are also popular POS emerge in an endless stream, such as machine, car balance, electric bicycle, electric scooter and home electronic products, digital home appliances, medical equipment, security monitoring, LED products are mostly cannot do without the power adapter the switching power supply, battery charger. However, these devices on the market a variety of various types, the quality is more uneven, resulting in an explosion of the power adapter wounding event occurs. So what is the main reason of the explosion of the adapter? Jin Xin Yu power (Shenzhen) limited liability company as a professional manufacturer of power adapter, charger manufacturers, what are the reasons for this adapter explosion in a professional point of view to discuss with everyone.

      There are several reasons for the explosion of the power adapter:

      1 original substandard, security certification is not full

      2 Adapter production process is poor;

      3 the use of equipment does not match the power adapter will also explode

      4 power adapter, charger product heat is not good;

      5 power transformer magnetic core quality is poor;

      6 power adapter product design is not reasonable;

      7 power adapter IC or charger power device quality is poor;

      Therefore, please look for the regular brand manufacturers in the purchase of power supply and power adapter, charger, adapter, and note that the product has not been approved, so as to avoid the explosion caused by the safety of person and property losses.

      Small make up to remind the power users in the selection of power adapter, charger, switching power supply, adapter and other products, please refer to the following aspects:

      Power adapter, switching power supply adapter, charger, whether the name of the manufacturer, certification number, production date, and must be in line with CCC, CE, FCC, UL, SAA, GS, PSE and other security certification, not cheap to buy some inferior products, for their own safety to regular stores to buy the best.

      If the occurrence of serious power supply products, when the spark plug, please replace the power adapter products, so as not to cause fire.