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      The power adapter manufacturers tell you the 5 correct use of the power charger[2016-09-10]
      Jin Xinyu power (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of power adapter, most in the online user users Tucao adapter such problems, in fact, we as manufacturers are very innocent, no matte
      How to prevent the explosion of the power adapter[2016-09-21]
              With the rapid development of science and technology and the Internet era, the electronics industry is showing explosive growth, all kinds of electronic products are a
      What is the power adapter?[2016-09-20]
        The power adapter usually we often said, it English called Power adapter, is to transform the power supply device belongs to a small portable electronic equipment and electronic appliances, its
      How long will it take to charge the toy battery in the remote control?[2016-09-19]
                                        Often play drone toys know about battery charging 2-2.5 hours, mainly to see
      One end of the charger is inserted in the socket, the other end is held by what it would be like?[2016-09-18]
                                           Not too understand what you mean.If it is home to ordinary 36V follo
      New bought a balance car, then the question is, how can I charge it?[2016-09-17]
      Many just contact to the balance of the car has a new questions, I just bought a new balance of the car, do not know how to direct the electric charge, is out directly or first run out of power and fu